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For some time I had been looking for a subject about which to make my first feature length documentary, and when I first came across the auction house I was immediately entranced by the place as a visual spectacle. It’s a space bursting with stories and layers… strands of Indian society that reflect and affect the city’s narratives and mirror the chaotic, crowded city outside its doors.

I also wanted to make a film in India that avoided over-rehearsed tales of abject poverty, or bland headlines about the ‘economic miracle’, and explore a more nuanced story of everyday life in one of its most famous cities. I hope that this film, focusing on the brothers' relationship against the backdrop of the auction house, is an entertaining and engaging story about a unique place that should be treasured.


Native Voice Films is an award-winning London-based production company that has produced feature documentaries and films for leading international broadcasters including Film Four/C4, HBO, ARTE and the BBC. Their most recent feature documentary ‘The Bengali Detective’ screened at Sundance and Berlin and won the 2012 Grierson Award for Most Entertaining Documentary. The lead producer for 'The Auction House: A Tale of Two Brothers' is Giovanna Stopponi and the executive producer is Phil Cox.

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